ciao italy. 

The past three days have been packed full of pizza, pasta & gelato & I am 100% sure I am leaving Italy 10 pounds heavier (obviously I’m nailing the spring break beach bod). The Italian leg of our spring break trip began in Milan. We began our first day with Italian cappuccinos at a cafe by the Vila we stayed in which was soo cute. Then of course we had to have gelato before lunch.  
Then it was time for some real authentic pizza from the birthplace of pizza. I think I died and went to heaven. 

Then it was time for gelato again because once is just not enough. Already a perfect day. We visited the Duomo which was absolutely breathtaking. The detail that went into building that cathedral is unreal. 

Milan is known for their fashion & the city did not disappoint. There were so many high fashion shops everywhere & we would just stand & drool while looking at the window displays. 

After a quick 2 nights there we took a 2 and a half hour train to Venice. Holy moly I’ve never been to a more beautiful place in my entire life. The canals & the little alleys were literally picture perfect. Sitting on the docks overlooking the sea with my besties in Venice…it’s the dream!!! (until the pigeons try to attack you for your sandwich). We rode in a gondola through the canals & that is something I’ll never ever get over. I LOVE VENICE.

So yesterday I woke up & had breakfast in Venice, took a train & had dinner in Milan, & went to sleep in Barcelona, where we will spend the next 3 days. This is the life. Now time for the Spanish leg of our adventure! 


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