exams are approaching……

So instead of studying, I am choosing to procrastinate and blog instead 🙂 Obviously my time management skills have not improved since being abroad. So far, I’ve already submitted one exam out of the 4 that I have. I had to write a lengthy (for my standards) essay about the “Danish Mind-set”. If you are curious, this basically explains why Danes are okay with leaving their babies outside of cafes while they drink a cup of coffee. Seems illegal right? Totally a normal thing here. My next exam is tomorrow afternoon so any prayers/good vibes sent my way would be greatly appreciated. Exams here are all case-based. You read a case study then answer a couple of questions after. Seems easy but you have to defend and argue EVERYTHING you know to prove your answer is right. No multiple choice or true false here. Bye Bye scantrons. So again, wish me luck.

Now, lets talk about something HAPPY AND ENJOYABLE. About two weeks ago, my bestestest friend from 6th grade came and visited me all the way from Texas! Rachel (ily) and her mom (ily too!!!) met me in Munich, Germany where we spent 4 days. It was SO nice to see faces from home. They even brought me gum (in stick form- an American luxury). My mom sent them over with a giant box of goldfish and my favorite candy-strawberry sour belts. I’m telling you- it’s the little things. So after I cried over my snacks and got control of my life again, our trip could begin.

We caught a train the first morning to Salzburg, Austria. Austria is beautiful!! It is also home of Mozart and the filming of the Sound of Music. We visited the birthplace and childhood home of Mozart, both of which have been turned into museums. Pretty cool that he composed all that he did all in just his 35 years on Earth. Next we went on a Sound of Music tour. We visited multiple locations where the movie was shot and I would go into greater detail about this but unfortunately, I have never seen the movie so I have no idea what those places were..They were very pretty though!! If you have any further inquiries please direct them to my red headed friend Rachel. She is a big fan. Knows all the words. And can quote the entire movie.

The hills were alive with the sound of music!!

After a lovely musical day in Salzburg, we went back to Munich and then took a train to Dachau, the first concentration camp opened in Germany. Visiting these camps has been a truly eye opening experience for me.  Seeing first hand what these people were forced to endure is absolutely heartbreaking and is something everyone should see so that something like that never happens again.


In Munich, we also saw the Olympic Park, infamously known for the 1972 massacre of Israeli olympic team members during the summer games. So far this sounds like a depressing trip but I promise it was not!! The park was beautiful, and it was very cool to see where an olympic games was played. ALSO. While we were at the park, it just so happened that one of my favorite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer was also there playing a concert. So completely by accident, or FATE as I would like to call it, I was able to hear them soundcheck one of my favorite songs and I also might have cried. Sometimes life just goes your way.

While in Germany you OBVIOUSLY have to go to a Hofbrauhaus and enjoy a few liters and giant pretzels while sitting at huge tables getting to know locals. I tried schnitzel for the first time and I’ll tell you it won’t be my last! Germany has my heart.


I was so sad to say bye to two of my favorite Texans because I felt like a piece of home was leaving me behind. And I knew as soon as I got back to Aarhus, it was time to hit the books. For the past week I don’t even think I’ve seen the sunlight or my roommates because my head has been buried in my laptop. So yesterday, it was finally time for a much needed study break- in Herning, Denmark to see 5 Seconds of Summer in concert!!!!

Kelsey and I bought these tickets back in October and the day FINALLY arrived. We left our house at 5:45am and we were in Herning by 7. From then on, we waited in line at the arena until 2. We had VIP tickets which meant that we got to see the band perform a soundcheck and do a Q&A. During soundcheck I literally thought I was going to die. If you know me at all, you know my band obsession and it has not gone away. Not in the slightest. After soundcheck we waited a bit longer then got to go back into the arena where we were led into the pit. WE WERE FRONT ROW. LITERALLY FRONT ROW AGAINST THE GATE. FOR 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER. The concert was amazing. I might even say life changing. I could go on forever, but like I said I’m supposed to be studying right now so I should probably control myself.


Possibly the highlight of my life

Okay, I’ve attempted to regain some chill. After I finish my exams, another bff from home, Anna, is coming to visit me and then we are off to Morocco-so lets finish these tests because Africa is calling!!